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About EquBot

The EquBot team believes in the value of diversity and inclusion and applies this ideology throughout our proprietary investment technology. At the highest level, the more data we gather from inputs around the globe, the better our products perform.

We believe access to premium financial services and products should not be determined by an individual’s wealth.

Our passion is to drive our innovative non-discriminatory investment technology solutions to market for investors of all backgrounds.

In 2016 EquBot became part of the IBM Global Entrepreneur start-up program to innovate investment solutions with the use of artificial intelligence.

Investor Demand

Equbot positions investment solutions based on in-depth analysis of investor demands. We strive to create products that deliver positive long term results on a risk-adjusted basis through optimizing proprietary investment research and trading models.

Evolving Technology

Our state of the art technology drives an enhanced view of the global investment landscape. The ability to process continually growing volumes of data and thread machine learning throughout our operations enables a truly unique investment process. Equbot solutions continually process, grow, and learn, just like our evolving investment technology.

The AI Powered International Equity ETF


The AI Powered International Equity ETF seeks to provide investment results that exceed Global ex-U.S. Equity benchmark indices at equivalent levels of volatility. The fund typically invests in 80-250 names but analyzes and compares thousands of international companies on a daily basis to find and optimize portfolio exposures.

The AI Powered International Equity ETF (NYSE: AIIQ) may help investors capture international equity market appreciation and diversify strategic alpha exposure.