The AI Powered International Equity ETF (NYSE: AIIQ) is comprised of International developed listed stocks.

Unlock the Power of AI Investing

We believe our innovative investment technology removes significant human bias and provides distinct insights into financial markets.

We are confident our investment capabilities enhanced with artificial intelligence provide the potential opportunity to capture long-term capital appreciation.

Innovation with IBM Watson

The underlying fund investments in AIIQ are based on the results of proprietary quantitative models developed by Equbot with IBM Watson artificial intelligence.

Unlock the Power of AI Investing

AIIQ is the first international actively-managed ETF to utilize artificial intelligence throughout the investment process.

Our proprietary technology and algorithms are built on a multi-stage process that seeks to identify mispriced stocks in the marketplace and then exploit the timing of those mispriced stocks.

The AI Powered International Equity ETF (NYSE: AIIQ) may help investors capture international equity market appreciation and diversify strategic alpha exposure.